Cory Monteith goes to rehab, to be written out of 'Glee' finale




One of the stars of FOX's smash hit series 'Glee' will be written out of the final two episodes of the fourth season: actor Cory Monteith has checked himself into rehab for drug addiction.

Presently amidst its celebrated fourth season, 'Glee' still has two episodes left to shoot, despite Monteith's departure from set. Rather than delay the finale for any reason, filming of the episodes will proceed as scheduled with Monteith's character Finn's absence explained in storyline. The manner by which Finn will be written out of the episodes remains to be revealed.

20th Century Fox, the company that produces 'Glee,' issued the following in a statement: "Cory is a beloved member of the 'Glee' family and we fully support his decision to seek treatment. Everyone at the show wishes him well and looks forward to his return." It is a classy move on behalf of 20th Century Fox and FOX as a network to allow the actor to battle his demons without reprisal from the hand that feeds him.

Monteith has been prominently featured this season despite his character Finn graduating from McKinley High last May. It sounds from 20th Century Fox's release as though Finn will only be written out temporarily; fans needn't fear a death or a similarly final end to Finn's storyline.

Monteith, aged 31, has been open and vocal about his battles with addiction throughout his life. The actor previously stayed in a rehabilitation facility to battle drug addiction when he was 19. It's nice to see someone in the limelight with the courage to enter such a facility and seek help, rather than allow their addictions to overtake them and end up a tragic media story later on.

How would you write Finn out of the finale of 'Glee?'


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Hmm... I guess something goes wrong with his leaving the army and he was forced back to boot camp?

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