David Cronenberg Enters The TV Realm

David Cronenberg

TV is about to get just a little more weird. reports that legendary director David Cronenberg, helmer of a very diverse catalog of films including The Fly, Nightbreed, A History Of Violence, Eastern Promises, A Dangerous Method, Videodrome and many others, has signed on to both direct and executive produce a new series entitled "Knifeman".

The show, based on a novel by Wendy Moore, follows an "eccentric surgeon who engages in far-reaching methods in order to learn more about the human body." As a long time follower of Cronenberg's directorial career, I'd say that type of twisted premise is certainly right up his alley. The production house behind the series, Media Rights Capital, confirms that the project has not yet been sold to a network and that the current focus is on the casting process for the pilot episode. This is expected to occur over the next several months. The pilot script is being written by Emmy nominated writer and producer Roland Jones, formerly of Friday Night Lights.

With a heavy hitter like David Cronenberg in the lead, a distinguished TV writer penning the pilot, and the type of subject matter that will naturally lend itself to explicit detail, I can easily see this series being picked up by Showtime or Starz. HBO is a possibility, but I'd consider them a bit less likely to jump on it. A show about an eccentric surgeon would be way out of place on broadcast TV, and the only basic cable channel I'd see being interested is possibly FX. The plotline would stick out like a sore thumb on a TNT or a USA.

Does the presence of Davd Cronenberg make you want to check this series out? Or does the Knfieman just not capture a slice of your attention span yet?

- David Cronenberg

Written by: msd85
Mar 14th, 2012, 2:30 am

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