‘Hell On Wheels’ creators to adapt Australian drama ‘The Straits’ for Cinemax

Image from Australian version of The Straits

Hell On Wheels creators Tony and Joe Gayton have hopped on board to help Cinemax develop an adaptation of the 2012 Australian drama series The Straits. The Gaytons are signed on as writers, but they will also executive producers and run the project.

The Straits is described as a “gritty modern-day drama” that follows a very powerful and dangerous crime family through their daily lives in the world of drug, gun and exotic animal trafficking from the cosy Florida Keys into Jamaica. The family kingpin reveals to his three sons that he has not chosen a successor for his shady business, and this announcement sets in motion a series of catastrophic events that could destroy the very business that he has worked so hard to build.

The original series, starring Brian Cox and Aaron Fa’aoso was based on an idea that Fa’aoso came up with himself. The Autralian production company responsible for The Straits, Matchbox Pictures, is one in which NBCUniversal has a majority stake, and so the Cinemax version will be co-produced by two other NBCU divisions (Working Title and Universal TV).

You can check out the original series to get a better feel for the show (if you live in the U.S., as a Canadian I couldn’t get my hands on it) through Hulu.

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The Straits was a dismal failure and had ever declining numbers that saw the show cancled only after 10 episodes had been made. The acting & quality was top rate but the viewers have had enough of this kind of show. It was very one sided and not a good example of a complete dramatic story line. There is also no way it can be converted to an American location without changing a the primary part of the story about the fact that the reason they where able to smuggle in drugs was because the distance between the northern most part of Queensland is only a short Dingy ride to the Islands where they grow/manufacture them. Doing it at night makes it almost imposible to catch them bringing in the drugs with out having several hundred KM's of coast line being constantly watch with squads ready to pounce that are scattered along the coast. So no, I don't think there is a viable way to re-boot this as an America series.

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