Second death on the set of 'Koh-Lanta,' France's 'Survivor' equivalent




Tragedy as struck again on the set of 'Koh-Lanta,' the French equivalent to the popular American reality game show 'Survivor.' A little over a week has passed since 'Koh-Lanta' contestant Gerald Babin died of a heart attack following a "Sunken Treasure" competition on set of the series' newest season. Following Babin's death, production of 'Koh-Lanta' was shut down immediately and the remaining contestants were sent home to Paris... but the legal inquiries into Babin's death had only just begun.

Now, a doctor working on the set of 'Koh-Lanta,' Dr. Thierry Costa, has committed suicide. In a suicide Babinnote he asked be made public, Costa said he was confident he had treated Babin “as a patient and not a contestant” but said he was distraught by “false accusations and assumptions” in the media. Costa and his team have come under fire in the media since Babin's death, accusing Costa of incompetance and negligence. Sources called into question the response time of the production team and Dr. Costa himself, regarding Babin's tragic passing. Further, an official manslaughter inquiry has been opened in Babin's death.

The production company that creates 'Koh-Lanta,' Adventure Line Productions, a subsidiary of Zodiak media, shut down and cancelled the sixteenth season of the popular reality competition immediately following Babin's untimely death. Further, Adventure Line stood by their doctor and threatened to sue for defamation of character any source that called Costa's abilities into question. It would seem that Adventure Line did all they could, however they could not prevent this second tragic death tied to the 'Koh-Lanta' story. It seems as though 'Koh-Lanta' could be off the air for good.


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Apr 2nd, 2013, 7:57 am

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