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Robert Connelly ('Underground: The Julian Assange Story') is attached to write and direct an adaptation of David Kunst & Clinton Trowbridge's nonfiction book "The Man Who Walked Around the World" for HBO Films.

The Man Who Walked Around the WorldThe book (and the film) chronicles the true story of the Kunst Brothers over an incredible four year span from 1970-74. Following the Apollo moon landing, American David Kunst was inspired and wanted to be the first person to circumnavigate the globe on foot. On June 20, 1970, David and his brother John walked East out of Waseca, Minnesota with all of their supplies on a pack-mule named Willie Makeit. On October 5, 1974, David returned to Waseca, Minnesota from the West, becoming the first person to ever traverse the entire planet's landmass on foot. However, when David returned to Waseca, John wasn't with him.

John Kunst had been murdered by bandits in Afghanistan in 1972. David's older brother, Pete, who had Kunst and Willie Makeitnot been along with David & John for the first two years of this trek, joined David in a show of solidarity and completed the walk with his brother, in memory of John. Seems like a hell of a film to me.

Ted Hope, Jonathan Ross, Glenn Rigberg and Anne Carey will Executive Produce the feature film for HBO. The project is quite a coup for writer/director Robert Connelly and will mark his highest profile project to date.

"I walked 20 million steps," Kunst said when looking back on his journey (figuring 31 steps per 100 feet). "I wore out 21 pairs of shoes but I proved something to myself: If a human being makes up his mind, is determined, sets goals, he can walk around the world."



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Apr 2nd, 2013, 8:48 am

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