'Walking Dead' star dishes on Season 3 finale

Andrea (Laurie Holden) vs. Walker Milton (Dallas Roberts)With the shocking fate of her character revealed during the season finale of AMC's The Walking Dead, interviews with Laurie Holden have been popping up all over the place. The actress participated in a Q&A regarding the death of Andrea for this week's edition of Dead Alert, the show's official newsletter.

While the words that came out of Holden's mouth during Andrea's final moments were straight from the script penned by outgoing showrunner Glen Mazzara, she felt that they were organic and true to the character. Holden, a staunch defender of her character throughout the series, views Andrea's death as heroic and meaningful.

"I will never think of her as a victim," she stated. "I see her as a casualty of war. Andrea had a tumultuous journey this season, but at the end of the day, in spite of everything, so many positive things came out of it; the people of Woodbury did escape and reach their sanctuary and none of the people at the prison were killed."

Previously known for her roles on The X-Files and The Shield, Holden was an original Walking Dead cast member and first appeared in the second episode of Season 1. Although the path that Andrea's character took on television diverged greatly from her counterpart in Robert Kirkman's comic book series, her story arc was memorable and she will not be forgotten by the fans or the other characters.

"It's been such an incredible journey," stressed Holden. "The fact that this woman who was once suicidal and had no will to live, was able to grow, evolve and emerge not only as a survivor but as a leader? That's been such an amazing gift for me as an artist. And I feel blessed to have had a three-season run. I am truly proud of this woman's journey; I love who she became and what she stood for at the end of the world. After losing everyone and everything, she never lost her heart."

At the end of last season, Andrea was left on her own and hooked up with Michonne for the winter. When they arrived in Woodbury, Michonne could sense that something wasn't quite right about The Governor, despite Andrea's optimistic attitude toward their new surroundings. If she could have changed Andrea's behavior in any way this season, Holden would have worked on communication.

"Andrea should have never allowed Michonne to leave those gates," she explained. "She should have pressed further, because Michonne was dancing around the issue and not giving her the full story. If Andrea knew that there was any sort of real threat in Woodbury, she would have high-tailed it out of there with her bestie. But what's done is done. I just wish they had better communication. Andrea loved Michonne with all her heart. It breaks my heart that they were separated."
Laurie Holden choking David Morrissey
Last week, Holden posted a great picture on Twitter of herself strangling David Morrissey, who plays the Governor, as a bit of an alternate ending for fans of Andrea.

"I think that was the real 'happy ending,'" she said. "But since they weren't going to get that ending, that was my cheeky way of giving it to them. The Governor is well beyond any sort of redemption."

Will you miss Andrea?

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My apologies. I assumed most readers would have seen the season finale by the time this was posted. I have altered it and will try to refrain from including spoilers in the headline from now on.


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Shame on you. I've just now been catching up on this show and while I have gotten some spoilers (through my own fault), thankfully, some contributors have been kind enough to refrain from putting anything spoilish in the headline and images, and to them I am grateful for keeping the spoils from growing. Now, here I am just barely past the season's halfway point, browsing the news section, not even clicking on any article and bam! - I read "character demise" with an image of one of the characters/actors. I know I always run a risk jogging through here, but again when the article writer's have been so courteous to withhold info, I kinda expected this to be a continuous phenomenon.


I don't like berating any of the writers, but the carelessness in spoiling the episode really does infuriate me because I sincerely thought I was going to make it to the season finale totally surprised. I haven't been this steamed since some asshole intentionally posted spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises in the comments section to a spoil-free online article. I've just about given up the notion that I'll ever walk into anything spoiler-free...

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