FX developing 'Conquistadors' limited series

Book cover for The Last Days of the IncasFX is beefing up its event series line-up even more, adding a new event series based on the Kim MacQuarrie book The Last Days of the Incas. The story is centered on two Spanish Conquistadors, Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro, who succeeded in conquering the Incan empire of 10 million people with only 168 men. Their conquest was aided by the help of two teenage Incan royal lovers, Manco Inca and Cura Occlo, who helped to lead one of history’s greatest rebellions.

The event series will be penned by Nicholas Osborne with Scott Rosenbaum executive producing. Rosenbaum is also currently and executive producer on the Fox pilot Gang Related. In addition, Osborne’s former partner Trevor Engelson of Underground Films, is on board to executive produce for the company.

This Conquistador series is the latest addition to FX’s new line-up of limited series. Conquistadors is added to the list of event series’ which include a 10-episode Fargo adaptation, Paul Giamatti’s Mayflower, Grand Hotel from Sam Mendes, Mad Dogs, Sutton and the Stephen Gagham six-part Vietnam War series They Marched Into Sunlight. The network is bulking up its roster in preparation of its launch of the new upstart network FXX, and will soon feature the third installment of its highly successful series American Horror Story.

- Scott Rosenbaum
- FX

Written by: harrisr
Apr 3rd, 2013, 3:27 am

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