Warner Bros launches WB Archive Instant




Warner Bros have tossed their hat into the instant streaming on demand competition, launching WB Archive Instant.

A $9.99US per month subscription service, WB Archive Instant will allow viewers to enjoy classic Warner Bros films and television, specifically offering "rare and hard-to-find" content. As it stands, WB Archive Instant is only available throuch PC or Mac, not through television or various gaming devices such as the champion of the streaming service arena, Netflix.

WB Archive Instant boasts such classic films as 'The Americanization of Emily,' 'A Face in the Crowd,' 'Black Legion' and 'Freebie and the Bean' along with classic television like '77 Sunset Strip' and the beloved 'The Adventures of Superman,' starring George Reeve. Warner Bros owns some of the most precious gems in film and television history, so it makes a lot of sense for them to try to make some money off of these properties rather than simply allow them to wallow in obscurity.

NetflixGiven the success of old black & white television on Netflix, it would seem there is an audience out there for WB Archive Instant. Netflix recently added classic 1950s television shows like 'Suspense' and 'You Bet Your Life,' and both titles rocketed on to the "Popular on Netflix" category the service provides. So how does the introduction of WB Archive Instant affect the Big Red Giant?

Early reports are showing a waning of the Netflix stock price. Netflix has dropped as much as 5.7% this morning alone--but it is not merely due to the Warner Bros announcement. Netflix has proven a hot commodity on the stock exchange throughout 2013 and many day-traders (who follow technical chart analysis rather than fundamental company announcements) believe that the Netflix stock has plateaued and is in line for a retrace to a previous, lower position.

Would you be interested in WB Archive Instant, or does Netflix fulfill your streaming needs?

- Adventures of Superman
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Apr 3rd, 2013, 11:28 am

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