'Walking Dead' actor reveals season finale reshoot details

Walker Milton, V1.0 (Dallas Roberts)Following the Season 3 finale of AMC's The Walking Dead, most of the attention has been focused on the death of Andrea, with Laurie Holden participating in a variety of interviews over the past few days. Amidst all the hoopla, the death of another character was overlooked: the man who turned into the walker responsible for biting her, Milton, played by Dallas Roberts.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Roberts touched on his final episode and revealed some of the reshoots that took place after Glen Mazzara was ousted as showrunner and replaced by Scott Gimple heading into Season 4.

As written by Mazzara, Andrea's struggle with Walker Milton was originally shown on-screen and involved Milty biting chunks out of her. According to Roberts, the original scene didn't involve Michonne, Rick, or Daryl at all, depriving us of the emotional farewell between Andrea and her friends. That's not all that was changed in the final version that aired on television.

"Originally, the beating scene that started the episode wasn't there," revealed the actor. "Originally, I showed up and was led into the room where Andrea was and I took the tools out — the instruments of torture that were laid on the table — and then he shot me in the stomach, completely unexpectedly. And then I was left to bleed out in the same idea basically — you're going to kill her now. There was a lot more of Milton trying to open the door and him trying to free her from the chains. And then there was a section where he was going to wrap the chain around the neck and try to choke her to death before he turned so she wouldn't have to deal with Walker Milton, or Biter Milton, as it were."

"And then at the end of that, it was just Tyreese and someone else who found her," he added. "Rick and Daryl and Michonne weren't there. So it was essentially the same idea, except you saw me taking chunks out of Laurie Holden in that version. And then they called us back a few months later to reshoot it and made all those changes. So now you're not sure if I’ve gotten her until after that door opens, and I think that's probably why they did it."

The excised scene featuring a half-dead Milton trying to choke Andrea to death to save her from the pain of being eaten alive sounds painful to watch, and not in a good way. Perhaps if he could provide more details...

"They both desperately wanted for that to work but at that point he had bled out so much," explained Roberts. "So he pulls and pulls and pulls but he doesn't get it done and he falls against the wall and is passed out. And he never comes back from that until he turns into a walker."

Nope, still sounds awful.

The reshoots took place following the announcement that Mazzara would be leaving the series after Season 3. Although Mazzara "was still theoretically in charge of the back half of the season," said Roberts, "I didn't see him there. I don't know if he was in L.A. pulling those strings. Scott Gimple, who ended up taking the showrunner position, was there, so some of those changes may have come from him."

Walker Milton, V2.0 (Dallas Roberts)Eagle-eyed fans of AMC's post-Walking Dead talk show Talking Dead may have spotted the error in a production still (shown above) that depicted Walker Milton still wearing his trademark glasses. He wasn't wearing them in the corresponding scene that aired (pictured right) because the Governor had knocked them off in the beating scene that was added.

"It's funny," noted Roberts, "in the articles and on Talking Dead last night, you'll notice stills of Milton where he has glasses on. They are from the scenes that we shot and weren't aired. Because Milton gets his glasses knocked off and never has glasses in the interrogation scene in this finale. But I've seen a lot of pictures where Milton has blood on his mouth and glasses on that were from that first shooting."

For the rest of the interview, visit EW.

The changes that were made definitely sound like they were for the best. The scene with Michonne dropping her sword and tending to her fallen friend was one of my favorite parts of the episode, and the reveal that Andrea had been bitten was better than showing Milton rip into her. Having Tyreese "and someone else" (I'm assuming his sister Sasha) find Andrea instead of her old friends wouldn't have had the same emotional impact, either.

If these alterations to the season finale can be attributed to new showrunner Scott Gimple, who also wrote the episode entitled "Clear" earlier this season, then I'm on board with AMC's decision to part ways with Mazzara. How do you feel?

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Apr 3rd, 2013, 12:18 pm

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Message Posted On May 4th, 2013, 1:41 pm
As far as the original and re-cut version... both sound ridiculous. They should reshot the entire finale.

Message Posted On May 4th, 2013, 1:37 pm
I have to say the finale kinda took a swipe at my interest in this show... and I'm a big fan, I read the novels years ago when they first came out. The reason is they really ruined Andrea in the show, it's a shame, wrote her into a corner. What the fuck was with that ending for her? She practically WAITED for Milton to turn into a zombie. It's as if she was suddenly the most deluded, overly sentimental character... "I better see if Milton is alive for long dramatic stretches...while not working to free myself". MAYBE YOU SHOULD ESCAPE FROM THE CUFFS SO YOU CAN HELP HIM? I'm sure your concerned stares are helping here Andrea. Disgracefully poor execution in that whole sequence. The only thing worse than her death was one of her lines leading up to her suicide... "I know how the safety works...". Ugh, anyways, sorry to rant... it's just... Is this the same character who made it back to the prison with a KNIFE? The same badass from the s2 finale? Hmmm... okay whatever. She only got axed because she wasn't popular. Just like Lori (yes, you can say Lori dies in the novels too, but this show hasn't been one to go by the script. ) Just waiting for them to ruin Michonne next. Oh well, still got the far better version of Andrea (and the governor arc... so far) in the novels to turn to.

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Mood: aggravated
Since: 02/Feb/13
Message Posted On Apr 4th, 2013, 8:57 am

The original ending does sound much more interesting. There are good aspects to the airing one as well though, but it's a damn shame that they're getting afraid of showing too much of the really interesting stuff :/


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Since: 08/Dec/08
Message Posted On Apr 4th, 2013, 3:54 am

I would have much prefered the original ending. I've come to expect TWD to be a very visceral show not one sheilding us from the ugliness of the new world. If they're not careful we may just wind up with just another cookie-cutter sci-fi zombie show. Now that would truly be a shame.

Corpse with a Mission

Message Posted On Apr 3rd, 2013, 11:25 pm
It` might be something to do with what they call a "wider story arc" ...or something. Quite a dull final episode, the whole thing started to mirror season 2 in my opinion, static location, searching for people, a bit of antagonism and ultimately a whimper of a finale rather than a bang. The final TWO episodes should have been almost too much to bear, with excruciating moral dilemmas, plent of zombie action and nail biting tension to the point where you may just actually wet your knickers... It`s getting formulaic and predictable...becoming a template driven series like so many others before, I`m sad to be waiting for the season to come to a conclusion just to "hurry & get it over with already". We`re all jaded viewers and need TWD to make us sit upright again and take notice after being spoonfed so much pap on our screens. Is it becoming more palatable for the masses due to it`s own success ?

Message Posted On Apr 3rd, 2013, 2:00 pm
"The changes that were made definitely sound like they were for the best." Maybe if you are a fifteen year old girl scared of weeing your knickers. The original scene sounded incredible. One of the issues with US tv is they just don't push the envelope. The finale was pretty dull, no resolution with the governor and an old woman's death for Andrea.Very dull with the only tension being between Carl and Rick.
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