CNN bringing back 'Crossfire'

CNN is going back in time.

Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker is reportedly bringing back “Crossfire,” which was canceled in 2005, in June. It is unknown who will host, or if the show will remain a half hour long.

Apparently the new “Crossfire” will have a variety of CNN personalities and contributors filling the “left” and “right” roles on the political debate show when it returns.

“Crossfire” appeared on the network both during the day and at night from 1982 until being canceled in 2005. Lefties Geraldine Ferraro and James Carville, and righties Pat Buchanan and Tucker Carlson were just a few names to appear on its run, which began soon after the network itself began in 1980.

The network had a week- long experiment with (Get to) “The Point,” and “The Lead with Jake Tapper” has been inconsistent.

Zucker also brought back the iconic “This is CNN” promo in his first week at the helm of the network.

Zucker formerly produced “The Today Show,” and served as NBC Entertainment’s president and its News & Cable Group. He took over as the president of CNN Worldwide in January, after being picked in November 2012 for the position.

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Written by: KurtK26
Apr 6th, 2013, 7:04 pm

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