'Necessary Roughness' adds three new faces for third season


Necessary Roughness


USA Network's hour-long drama 'Necessary Roughness' just beefed up for their third season, adding recognizable faces from hit series like 'Justified' and 'Entourage' to the cast. Joining series stars Callie Thorne (pictured above) and Marc Blucas are David Andrews ('Justified,' the upcoming feature 'World War Z'), Johnathan Keltz ('Entourage,' '21 and Over') and Johanna Braddy ('Video Game High School,' 'Paranormal Activity 3').

AndrewsThe highest profile addition is David Andrews, who plays Former Sheriff Tillman Napier on FX's 'Justified' opposite Timothy Olyphant. On 'Necessary Roughness' Andrews plays The Hawks' new head coach, Tom Wizinski, who takes the reins after a personnel shake-up with the franchise. Not only does Coach Tom have a very different coaching style compared to his predecessors, but he quickly immerses himself in every aspect of the players' lives and butts heads with Dr. Dani (Thorne) as a result. The sixty-one year old Andrews brings a quiet strength to his roles that makes him a very believable authority figure and should make Coach Tom a worthy opponent for Dr. Dani.

KeltzThe baby-faced Johnathan Keltz is best known as playing one of Ari Gold's assistants on 'Entourage;' on 'Necessary Roughness' he plays a high school baseball player named Darryl "Hutch" Hutchinson. Hutch is a member of Connor McClane's (John Stamos) athletic academy who faces a unique psychological issue that could ruin his shot at being drafted to the majors. Dr. Dani is called in to deal with Hutch's peculiar issues.

Twenty-six year old Johanna Braddy has been popping up in various Braddyguest starring roles of late, including turns on 'Suburgatory' and 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.' Braddy plays a patient of Dr. Dani with a unique twist: Dani has been ordered by the court to keep Braddy's character, Cindy Luck, out of trouble. Luck is a former child-star trying to transition into adulthood who sees her court-appointed therapists as standing in the way of her development rather than easing her along her path. Sounds like Cindy Luck may prove bad luck for Dr. Dani.


'Necessary Roughness' returns June 12 on USA.

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