Tony Krantz developing WWII drama 'Saboteurs'




Tony Krantz has produced acclaimed hit films like 'Mulholland Dr.' and smash-hit series such as 'Felicity' and '24.' Krantz expanded his repertoire to include the title of director with the Antonio Banderas film 'The Big Bang' in 2010. Now, the successful producer and director is turning to screenwriting for his new project, 'Saboteurs.'

KrantzFlame Ventures, Krantz' production company, has partnered with Entertainment One to develop 'Saboteurs,' an ambitious international series about the French Resistance movement in Nazi-occupied France during World War II. Krantz wrote the pilot episode on spec--his first writing credit to date. Given the location, scope and size of 'Saboteurs,' Krantz elected to send his script to Entertainment One, known for their international productions and collaborations. Apparently Krantz was a tad shy about his first foray into the world of screenwriting; he didn't disclose to eOne that he wrote the pilot until after they contacted him with an offer to purchase the project.

Krantz may only be breaking into writing now but the written word is a large part of his family life; Tony is the son of Judith Krantz, popular romance novelist of such titles as "Scruples" and "Till We Meet Again."

'Saboteurs' is a fictional story about the first resistance cell in Nazi-occupied Paris. It is set in the early months of WWII, before the U.S. got involved following the attack on Pearl Harbor. The cell consists of regular people with no training or experience who decide to fight back. Described as an an action thriller, 'Saboteurs' will chronicle the adventures of resistance fighters as they interact with Nazis, traitors, regular people and Americans. Krantz is slated to Executive Produce and direct the pilot of 'Saboteurs,' as well.

This certainly seems like a project that could incite a bidding war between major networks when the time comes. We here at TVRage will post more on the development of 'Saboteurs' as information becomes available.


- Tony Krantz

Written by: bad_subject
Apr 7th, 2013, 10:22 am

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