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When we last saw Anna Camp as Sarah Newlin on HBO's 'True Blood' it was 2009; much has happened to both Camp as an actor and 'True Blood' as a series in the ensuing years. Now, with the highly-anticipated sixth season, we can confirm that Camp will be reprising her role as Sarah in a guest-starring capacity in an upcoming episode or episodes of the supernatural drama.

True BloodCamp was a main character during the second season of 'True Blood' as Sarah, the religious, anti-vampire puritan. Camp herself floated the idea of Sarah's return earlier this year in an interview with TVLine, hinting that Sarah had "some unfinished business" when it comes to the 'True Blood' cast of characters. That may be a bit of an understatement, considering the fact that her ex-husband Steve, who formerly held her religious and anti-vampire beliefs, is now an openly gay man and a vampire.

As for Camp herself, she has become quite a hot commodity in film and television since we last saw her as Sarah. After appearing in feature films like 'The Help' and 'Pitch Perfect,' Camp recurred on the critically-acclaimed 'The Good Wife.' Now, she is already juggling roles on 'Vegas' and 'The Mindy Project,' which she is adding her 'True Blood' appearance on top of. She's a busy woman!

What will happen when Sarah reconnects with her ex-flame Jason? Where does Jessica fit in? The sixth season of 'True Blood' returns June 16.

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Aye, she does a great job :)


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I said it once, I said it thrice: she has a special glow and energy to her. Keep up the great work, Anna!
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