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Walking Dead Showrunner Discusses This Sunday's Season Finale

The Walking Dead

Glen Mazzara, showrunner for The Walking Dead, recently held a conference call with reporters in order to answer questions and build anticipation for this Sunday's second season finale. EW.com has now relayed his answers, and here are some of the more interesting notes:

About this Sunday's finale: "We’re proud of this finale, we’ve been building to it all season, and we cant wait for you to see it … There’s more bloodshed coming. They thought they were safe on this farm, they were wrong … We’re on a killing spree here … There are answers about the nature of the virus in the finale … I will guarantee people will watch this finale and want to know what comes next. People will have a lot of questions, but in a good way."

About Shane becoming a zombie incredibly fast and without having been bitten: "We worked hard to make sure that revelation landed. We knew what we were doing there. We knew it would land a punch. We’ve never had a main character become a zombie to this extent. Those [rapid flashes of zombie mayhem] represent the storm in Shane’s brain to some extent … Amy was a weaker character. Shane is in a murderous rage … he’s going to reanimate quicker. There’s just more life in that zombie, believe it or not. We do have internal rules for that."

About who the real focus character of this season was: "I’m interested in focusing on Rick. He’s the leader of the group. If you look at all of these deaths, we look at how we’re developing his character. All this stuff led to a very decisive act where Rick kills Shane. People talk about Shane being killed off, well Rick killed Shane, he’s evolving in a very real way."

About whether they would kill off a pregnant Lori: "If it’s earned and character-based and propels the story forward, nothing is over the line for us. No one is safe on this show."

About the pacing of next season: "I am very interested in keeping the pace up. I’m proud of the [early] episodes in season 2. I’m surprised at some of the feedback. That being said, it was always my intention to ramp up the pace. I do think the [recent] episodes have been better crafted at having a beginning, middle, and a punch at the end. I think we’ve cracked it. We still will have slower episodes … this is a story about characters we care about. But I do think the pacing in season 3 will feel like a freight train … [Also] there will be more webisodes coming before season 3."

About ideas for the series finale: "I’ve talked about it with Robert. I do have a feeling where this show ends.We know pretty much the entire arc of season 3. We have ideas for season 4. Then skipping ahead to the end of the series, I have very strong ideas."

Some interesting stuff there huh guys? I for one can't wait for this Sunday's finale. Then we'll all just have to hope that the unbearable wait until October for more episodes doesn't turn us all into Walkers.

- Glen Mazzara
- The Walking Dead
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Written by: msd85
Mar 15th, 2012, 9:24 pm


Message Posted On Mar 20th, 2012, 7:18 am
Kill this man with fire. Burn him. Show is piece of shit for stupid housewifes.

Message Posted On Mar 20th, 2012, 12:13 am
This person the truth such idiot, or for those holds us? A serial full delirium, just for Americans:)
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