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Three actors are 'Bitten'


Bitten, a Canadian werewolf drama that is being produced currently, has added Greg Bryk, Greyston Holt (Alcatraz) and Paul Greene to its cast.

The program, which will air on Canada's Space sci-fi network, cast Laura Vandervoort earlier this year in the lead role of its 13-part series, which focuses on the battle between man versus beast. It is being based on the series "Women of the Otherworld," written by author Kelly Armstrong.

Vandervoort will play Elena Michaels, a 28-year-old who is the world's only female werewolf. Holt will be playing Clayton Danvers, who Michaels thinks is "the one." Bryk's role is that of Jeremy Danvers, the alpha male of the wolf pack, while Greene plays Philip McAdams, who I sadly know nothing about.

The series, which is scheduled to debut in 2014, is shooting in Toronto already. It is set in the city, as well as upstate New York. 

Other cast members include Paulino Nunes and Steve Lund Antonio and Nick Sorrentino (a father and son werewolf pairing), and Natalie Brown as Diane, best friend and the sister of Philip (I guess I know that fact about the character). Michael Xavier will play werewolf Logan, while Genelle Williams has been cast as Rachel (the girlfriend of Logan). Joel Keller has also been cast as another werewolf, Peter.



- Bitten
- Laura Vandervoort

Written by: Hamatosan
Apr 9th, 2013, 7:21 am

Images courtesy of SPACE

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