American Revolutionary War miniseries coming to History


History, fresh off its success with The Bible and the Hatfields & McCoys miniseries, has announced that its next topic to be tackled during a miniseries will be the American Revolution.

Titled Sons of Liberty, the program will follow a group of men, including historical figures Samuel AdamsJohn HancockJohn AdamsPaul ReverePatrick Henry and Benedict Arnold, while showing how they worked together in secrecy to help America become a country. These men, who called themselves the Sons of Liberty, helped light the spark that led to America's independence from Britain and eventually statehood. 

Stephen David Entertainment, who worked with the network on The Men Who Built America miniseries about John D. RockefellerAndrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan, are behind this new project.

History is on a miniseries role, as yesterday it announced that Adrien Brody would be playing Harry Houdini in a new miniseries at the network. 

This seems like a good gambit for the network. The last miniseries set during the American Revolutionary war was HBO's John Adams, which dominated at the Emmys, winning 13 out of 23 possible awards. The Hatfields & McCoys were nominated for 16 Emmys, with Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger taking home awards. 

Will this series be as received as well as those?



Written by: Hamatosan
Apr 11th, 2013, 2:16 pm

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The Patriot RULED!


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I hope that it's more "John Adams" than "The Patriot".

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