'Game of Thrones' actress talks Brienne/Jaime rivalry

On Sunday's "Game of Thrones," Jaime Lannister and his captor Brienne of Tarth ran into some trouble on their trek to King's Landing. TV Guide spoke with Brienne herself, Gwendoline Christie, about the heated confrontation between the two characters and what's in store as their story progresses.

Brienne and Jaime

Her character's kidnapping of the prisoner of war at the behest of Lady Stark speaks to the deep bond and loyalty Brienne feels toward the Winterfell matriarch. "Brienne has seen this woman exhibiting strength in an intellectual manner with Renly, and also exhibiting strength of love and motherhood that I think she sees as equal to her own physical strength. And perhaps it's the first time we see Brienne consider something beyond the strength of the physical in a woman as a means to be equal to a man. So there's this shared experience... that bonds them, but also I think [there is] this deep admiration of this woman. Brienne knows that this task is a pure task because it's the returning of a mother's daughters to her that had been taken away unjustly. And in a moral sense, that fits perfectly in her mindset."

From day one, Brienne has held a quiet disdain for the so-called "Kingslayer," a feeling Christie explains is rooted in her own ideals. "Brienne thinks that Jaime is scum," Christie says. "I mean, from what she knows about him, he is the opposite of everything she stands for entirely. She's struggled and dedicated her life to being a knight and join the kingsguard. And then to see someone who has attained it so easily apparently throw it away with such ease, it's hard."

The episode saw Jaime briefly gain the upper hand against his captor, with the two squaring off in a heated swordfight that ultimately ended in stalemate. "Nicolaj is actually absolutely brilliant at swordfighting. He has experience and is naturally brilliant at it. So he picks it up literally two hours in rehearsals, and I spend two weeks training every single day," she said. "Partially, I like to do all of those things myself and also because I wanted my execution to be better than I thought I could be. I wanted it to be the best that I possibly could do. And also because I don't want to let down my fellow actor. You want to be able to step up onto someone's level because then you can be really start to have some fun. It's really tough, but I'd just like to point out that he may have been in chain, but I am in armor."

Now that the two have been cornered during their journey across Westeros, what can we expect with both Jaime and Brienne as prisoners? Christie teased, "All I can say is that their relationship evolves in ways that no one could predict and everyone's going to be very excited."

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Message Posted On Apr 12th, 2013, 8:45 am
If their relationship is going to evolve then she must be related to him.. Those Lannisters and their kinky ways.
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