Nicki Minaj talks 'American Idol'

MinajNicki Minaj's tenure on American Idol has certainly not been a quiet one. As seems to be the case with her in her professional career, Minaj enjoys saying and doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants. This attitude has drawn her praise, as well as criticism - just ask Mariah Carey what she thinks of her fellow Idol judge.

On the show's 12th season, Minaj has become known for her blunt, direct criticism. 

"When I speak in a blunt way, like I do, people take that as me not loving or caring about these people, but I really do," said Minaj in an interview. "They are family to me, I feel like I'm not doing them a service if I blow smoke up their ass. I refuse to do that."

The New York native insists that what people see is real on the series, however, and that nothing is for show. Recently Burnell Taylor was eliminated from the show and Minaj burst in to tears.

''I mean, when I see someone come from nothing, and their family just lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, and they had to rebuild ... I remember my own childhood, and I remember how many children are out there suffering now ... Burnell, not only did he have such a beautiful story, but he had such a unique voice and unique spirit. So yeah, those tears were real for Burnell," she said.

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Apr 13th, 2013, 6:23 pm

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She's the best thing about the show.

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