'Da Vinci's Demons' creator, star talk about series

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Last night was the premiere of Da Vinci's Demon, a new Starz series that is generating a lot of buzz - including a rise in the stock projections of the network. 

The series takes place in Florence and focuses on da Vinci, a man who has become an iconic figure in history - hell, he even has a Ninja Turtle named after him. If that is not making it, I do not know what is!

While most popular culture looks at da Vinci as an older man (the Assassin's Creed series notwithstanding), this show looks at da Vinci's earlier life as an inventor, an artist and a creator.

This series, created by David Goyer (who helped write the "Dark Knight" trilogy as well as the upcoming Superman "Man of Steel" film,), is an attempt to revise how da Vinci is viewed, as well as mix "historical fantasy" with reality.

"If you believe the biographies, he wasn’t just a genius; he was really good looking; he was known to be a joke-teller and he could do magic tricks; he apparently had a big mouth; manic-depressive; he was thrown in jail a couple of times; he was known to be a very flamboyant dresser," Goyer said. "He and Michelangelo -- arguably the two most famous painters in the world -- they hated each other; they physically got into blows with each other on multiple occasions."

Tom Riley, a British actor, is playing da Vinci. He felt a little intimidated taking the role due to the "fierce nature of our historians, who [base] a lot of their ideas, quite rightly, on the very sober painting of da Vinci that exists -- speculative biographies that have painted him as a serious, celibate man."

"I don't think we do a disservice to that element, but we also show a man who ... must have had a mind that was dangerous and out there; to be a humanist in a world run by the Catholic Church; to be a vegetarian where everyone ate meat; to fly in the face of every rule and regulation that you’d expect ... He probably had to have been a bit of a rock star and then people wouldn’t have liked him ... So it’s funny, the idea that we have re-imagined him, and it’s wrong. David’s research has been so exhaustive," he continued.

Did you see the show's premiere? Any thoughts?

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Written by: Hamatosan
Apr 13th, 2013, 6:33 pm

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Message Posted On Apr 14th, 2013, 5:22 am
I liked it. It hinted a lot of delicious things to come.

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Message Posted On Apr 14th, 2013, 4:39 am

Think it was quite good. A nice mix of Borgia and Sherlock, with the eccentric approach of The Tudors. Great mix imo, and very much worth watching.


And Hugh Bonneville in the beginning is just hilarious. Absolutely great and fun cameo! :)

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