Final season of 'I Love Jenni' to look at star's death

RiveraThe final season of I Love Jenni premieres tonight on the U.S.-based, Spanish-language channel mun2. The program follows the life of singer Jenni Rivera and her family, however, this season will be much more somber than the last, after the singer passed away on December 9 of last year in a plane crash in northern Mexico at the age of 43. She was returning from a concert in Monterrey when the plane went down.

This season of the show, the third and final, will look at her legacy, while showing how her family and close friends come to grips with their loss. The decision to go ahead with this season was the subject of much debate between them, the network and her management team.

"The last several years working with [Pete], Jenni and the family, it has been a true partnership," Diana Mogollon, general manager at mun2, said recently. "When everything happened in December, we were in shock. We were in mourning. Once the new year came around, we said, 'You know what, why don't we regroup? Why don't we figure out what do we do?' "

Pete Salgado, Rivera's manager and an  executive producer on the program, said that Rivera, "was always about giving herself. Her whole career, there was nothing off-limits. The kids and everyone figured mom would want us to show the world how we're dealing with this just [as] how mom dealt with all of the headlines that were part of her career."

Reports are that this season carefully walks the line between tribute and taking advantage of a tragedy. Still, is this something you would feel comfortable watching?



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Written by: Hamatosan
Apr 14th, 2013, 3:29 pm

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