Spike TV, Adam Carolla teaming up in new pilot


Spike TV is going after nonscripted entertainment hard.

Real hard. 

The network has 11 pilots in a wide variety of different genres that could be heading you way as it attempts to court a "more general audience" instead of the male demographic that it traditionally targets.

"Our 2013 development slate reflects Spike's ongoing commitment to develop original programming that features big stakes and engaging personalities who are leading authorities in their respective fields," said Sharon Levy, Spike TV executive vice president original series. "We're partnering with some of the most innovative and creative producers in nonscripted entertainment to produce series that further our goal of widening our audience."

The pilot that is drawing a lot of buzz is a new Adam Carolla project.  Titled To Catch a Contractor, this pilot features Carolla serving as a watchdog to people or businesses that have been wronged by contractors and left holding the short end of the stick. With contractor Skip Bedell by his side, Carolla will hunt down these contractors and get revenge by making them fix the mess they left.

Okay, I am not a huge Carolla fan politically, but that sounds pretty awesome. I would watch that.

Other pilots include a Criss Angel docuseries, an unscripted entry with MMA legend "The Natural" Randy Couture and an expansion of the Bar Rescue franchise with Jon Taffer.

"Over the last year and a half, with the success if Ink Master and Bar Rescue we've done two things: We've established some amazing talent for the band," added Levy. "One of the things we're really looking for is building out that amazing stable of talent with incredible experts who are also amazing TV personalities. The other common thread that these shows have together is they deliver really smart information with an edge. All of these shows complement each other and that will help us program from night to night and build biggest audience we can and pursue our mission of broadening the audience and bringing more women to the channel while keeping our loyal young men 18-34. As of of last Sunday, we hit highest demo ever with Bar Rescue. Our shows are doing that and this slate is a very focused effort to continue what's already working."


- Adam Carolla

Written by: Hamatosan
Apr 15th, 2013, 4:42 pm

Images courtesy of Spike TV

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