Terra Nova Star Travels To the 1960's

Jason O'Mara

Well, if any of us Terra Nova fans had some hope left that the show would get picked up by someone other than FOX, it's just about gone now. is reporting that Jason O'Mara (who played series lead character Jim Shannon on the aforementioned sci-fi series) has now booked a co-leading role opposite no less than Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis, and Carrie Anne Moss.

The show in question is a high-profile, but as yet untitled, drama pilot for CBS. Written by Goodfellas scribe Nicholas Pileggi and long-time TV writer Greg Walker, the story is set in the 1960's and "chronicles the true story of Ralph Lamb (Quaid) – rodeo cowboy turned longtime Sheriff of Las Vegas – and Johnny Savino (Chiklis), a Chicago mob fixer whose entrepreneurial vision for transforming Las Vegas collides with the law-and-order mandate of Sheriff Lamb. O’Mara will play Ralph Lamb’s younger brother Frank, the diplomat in the family." Guest stars in the pilot episode include Michael Reilly Burke, Michael O’Neill  and James Russo. All are established TV veterans and have guest starred in more TV series than I could name here. Handling directorial duties for the show will be award winning filmmaker James Mangold (Walk The Line, 3:10 To Yuma, Girl, Interrupted, etc.).

This new project is technically in second-position status for O'Mara, meaning he would be contractually bound to return to Terra Nova should Netflix or another intested party bring it back, but I seriously doubt he would be going as far as to book another leading role if his current job had any real hope of returning. In a note of odd trivia mentioned in the linked article, this will be Jason O'Mara's third straight series set in the past. Life On Mars was set in the 70's, Terra Nova in the dinosaur age, and now the 60's. Hmmm, maybe he really is a time traveler after all.

- Jason O'Mara

Written by: msd85
Mar 21st, 2012, 7:10 am

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