Tony Hale talks new seasons of 'Veep,' 'Arrested Development'

With the return of "Arrested Development" right around the corner, Vulture recently spoke with actor Baby Buster himself, Tony Hale, about the new Netflix season as well as what's in store on the new season of HBO's "Veep."

Tony Hale

The actor acknowledged the similarity between his signature lapdog manchild characters: V.P. personal assistant Gary on "Veep" and baby brother Buster on "Arrested Development." Hale explained, "As unhealthy as Gary is, at least he’s focused his angst into a career. Buster’s paralyzed. He can’t leave his house. At least there’s some kind of productivity that Gary’s getting out of it."

However, the new season of "Veep" finds the doting vice presidential assistant with his time torn between his employer and a new girlfriend, Dana. "Well, [his relationship with Dana] doesn’t bode well for his relationship with Selina [star Julia Louis-Dreyfus] because he has to divide his attention a little bit. Pretty much if Gary had his way he’d be married to Selina."

Despite the similarities between the two characters, Hale said he initially thought he would have difficulty slipping back into the role of Buster after so much time away. "People have an idea of Buster, and you think, 'Can I match that expectation?' I will say once I heard Jessica Walter’s abusive, demeaning voice, it just all clicked in," he joked. "It was like flipping this immediate switch. 'Oh, I’m back!'"

Hale claims to be as in the dark about how the new season of the cult favorite will come together as everyone else, citing the rumored structure of the episodes spotlighting each character with less ensemble than in the original series. He said, "That’s what’s so exciting about it, that element of surprise. When we were doing 'Arrested Development,' you never ever knew what was going to happen. I remember when they’d come up to me, like, 'By the way, Liza Minelli’s going to be your girlfriend.' 'A seal’s gonna bite off your hand.' 'You’re going to go into the army.' Like, what? And actually, to be honest, while we were shooting this new season, I’d be reading the scripts like, I have no idea how this is all going to mesh together. I know Mitch has this big plan all in his head. I can’t wait to see it put together."

Is it May 25th yet?

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Apr 17th, 2013, 9:08 am

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