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'Survivor' host talks latest episode

One of the craziest Tribal Councils in the history of CBS's long-running reality series "Survivor" occurred last night. Entertainment Weekly got all the scoop from host Jeff Probst on Malcolm's crazy curveball that had the alliance of seven scrambling.

Jeff Probst

This week had Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie's crumbling alliance make a huge last second move at Tribal Council. With Reynold securing immunity at the physical challenge, Malcolm and Eddie both played hidden immunity idols to throw off the majority alliance's plans. "I love big moves. Love them. I often reflect back on one of the great lines of cinema from the movie Wall Street. Charlie Sheen’s character is going to meet Michael Douglas. As he stands outside of his office he says to himself, 'Life all comes down to a few moments and this is one of them.' The game of 'Survivor' almost demands that you make big moves if you want to win," Probst said. "The key is picking the right moment... to make your move. For me, there are few greater moments than when something completely unexpected happens at tribal and changes the game. Beautiful."

With both hidden idols now played, the question from fans remains whether they will be hidden back at camp for future hijinks down the road. The host teased that all signs point to yes. "We do have a method to our madness and die hard fans have probably already figured it out. So without guaranteeing anything or relating specifically to this situation — I’d say it’s a safe bet that an idol played at this point in the game will go back out," he said.

The trio's big move meant 'Stealth R Us' head Phillip was sent home, which as Probst explained seemed appropriate enough given the competitor's choice to sit out the Immunity Challenge, citing a scarring childhood experience as the reasoning behind the decision. "Now while I most certainly have empathy for his fear of water, because it didn’t seem to bother him in earlier water challenges, I also have a healthy amount of skepticism about his true motive. Sometimes I think people just don’t think they can win and they’d rather just sit out than compete. If I had to bet my own hard earned Survivor cash, that’s what I’d bet. But let me be clear so people don’t hammer me on Twitter — I realize that I am not Phillip. I am not in his head. I am not the cells running through his body. It may very well be true that he simply cannot do certain things in the water and if that’s the case it’s a tragedy," Probst said.

Personally speaking, this season of "Survivor" is ranking among my favorite of all time, with each episode throwing new unexpected twists that just get better and better. What did you think of this week's episode?

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Written by: kyleiam
Apr 18th, 2013, 7:56 am

Images courtesy of CBS

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