Olivia Wilde Signs on For House Finale

Olivia Wilde fans will get a treat on May 21, when she will be reprising her role as Thirteen on the series finale of House.  Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley (Wilde) was a character that was added to the show when Dr. House assembled a new diagnostic team in the fourth season.  After revealing that her mother had died of Huntington's Disease, Thirteen conducted tests on her own blood and discovered that she also was carrying the gene for Huntington's Disease.  House fired Thirteen shortly after hiring her so that she could deal with her illness in peace.

The news that Olivia Wilde will be returning to the show for the finale is easing woes about Dr. Lisa Cuddy, portrayed by actress Lisa Edelstein, reportedly not returning for the finale.  Many fans expected her to return for the finale to provide closure with the Dr. Cuddy character, but it appears that she will not be a part of the final episode.  Edelstein left the show after last season, when her contract ended.   There has been some speculation as to why her contract wasn't renewed, with some sources saying that it could have been related to her salary, which would explain why the actress expressed feelings of "disappointment" when asked about her leaving the show.  

Olivia Wilde's most recent appearance on House was in October of 2011.  Wilde, when asked about her departure from the show, reflected fondly, "It's been an extraordinary time on the show, learning from Hugh and all the other actors and our amazing writing staff.  I see it as a chapter, a really important chapter, in my life."

House star Hugh Laurie also added that the cast will miss Olivia "very, very much,'" adding that she is surely headed for great things.  Be sure to catch the series finale of House on May 21, 2012 to catch her in action as Thirteen once more.

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How is this a treat?
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