Ann Curry undone at 'Today' by Operation Bambi

CurryNew details have emerged about Ann Curry's messy departure from NBC's Today Show, which still struggles to regain its former glory and loses daily to ABC's rival series, Good Morning America. Curry's departure has done a lot of harm to the show, both in how it was handled and how everyone left holding the bag has looked since then - for example, look at Matt Lauer and how quickly it appears NBC is trying to dump him now.

A new report about Curry's departure has led to some interesting revelations, including the fact that former executive producer Jim Bell was dead-set on tossing Curry to the curb, even going so far as to call the plan to remove her "Operation Bambi." Bell wanted Savannah Guthrie to take over for Curry, and at first tried to convince Curry to become a "global anchor," where she could do serious news while still appearing on Today, just in a cut back position with a lot less screen time. Curry started to warm to the idea, right when it was revealed that NBC was trying to remove her. This caused Curry to shut down, leading to her tearful goodbye.

Also, Katie Couric was not a Curry fan. She thought her Curry was "fake" and that Curry was trying to go around her back for her position. Also, another report says that Couric routinely ridiculed Curry's clothing, which greatly affected Curry. 

When the network went to replace Meredith Vieria, Bell met with a lot of outside sources before, after nothing better came around, giving Curry the position while noting that he had "better option."

Reading stuff like this, it is really hard to feel bad for the position NBC currently finds itself in.

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Written by: Hamatosan
Apr 18th, 2013, 11:38 am

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