Sara Paxton discusses ABC Family's 'Lovestruck: The Musical'

PaxtonABC Family is preparing for its debut airing of Lovestruck: The Musical, which tells a love story about a Broadway starlet who leaves it all behind to get married to the man of her dreams (she thinks). Her mother, who is a choreographer on the play, tries to prove to her daughter that love is not always more important than career. 

Here comes the twist - on the way to stop her daughter's wedding (in Italy), the mother, named Harper, drinks an elixir and is suddenly 30 years younger.

Sara Paxton plays the daughter, named Mirabella, and she recently discussed the film.

ABC Family's Lovestruck: The Musical is a love story with a magical twist.

"It's complicated," she said, calling the film a "romantic comedy" with a "supernatural" twist. "There are a bunch of different relationships [explored]. There's the mother and daughter, there's Mirabella's relationship with her fiancé, there's the rekindling romance with Harper and Mirabella's father [Ryan]."

She added that the film is funny and includes singing and dancing, so there is that. Paxton grew up a fan of Broadway and this was something she always wanted to pursue.

"I grew up singing and dancing, and doing musical theater. I haven't done a movie like this so I thought this would be really fun," she said.

Also starring in the film are Jane Seymour, Chelsea Kane, Drew Seeley and Tom Wopat.

Any interest in this?


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Written by: Hamatosan
Apr 20th, 2013, 6:34 pm

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