London, Hamburg marathons broadcasts honor Boston Marathon victims


With increased security to protect the runners, the London and Hamburg marathons each went off without incident today, less than a week after the Boston Marathon was marred by two bombs detonating and injuring runners and fans.

Each of today's marathons were broadcast locally in their home countries and each broadcast paid tribute to those injured in America. 

Hamburg held a moment of silence before the race, with 15,000 participants wearing yellow armbands that read "Run for Boston".

The BBC's coverage of the London Marathon (which had nearly 35,000 runners) featured a discussion about what happened in Boston, as well as an opening segment that focused on the event.

"Six days ago though, the finish of the Boston Marathon became an altogether different scene as triumph turned into terror," the voice-over said during thse segment. "And today as hundreds of thousands take to the streets to run, support, to cheer, their thoughts will inevitably never be far away from those horrific scenes and those whose lives were irrevocably changed. The 2013 London Marathon - a day to celebrate the strength of the human spirt and a day to remember."

Host Johnathan Edwards addressed the bombing after the video, saying, "Good morning to our coverage of the 33rd London Marathon, a day that always covers the gamut of emotions, but which today has another dimension in the wake of the atrocities in Boston," leading into a video tribute that ended with, "Today, London stands united with Boston, remembering lives lost and lives devastated."

- BBC one
- London Marathon

Written by: Hamatosan
Apr 21st, 2013, 6:41 pm

Images courtesy of BBC One

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