NBC drops episode of ‘Hannibal’ featuring children turned killers

NBC's Hannibal cast

NBC has made the decision to skip an episode of their new Hannibal Lecter drama. The episode, one out of Hannibal’s 13-episode order, is titled “Ceuf”, and was originally scheduled to premiere next Thursday. The decision to put the episode on the back-burner indefinitely came a few hours before the Boston Marathon bombing and has no connection to last week’s violence and tragedy.

According to NBC’s official description, in the episode “Ceuf”, “a string of family murders takes place and Will (Hugh Dancy) determines they were conducted by each of the families’ missing children, who were abducted and brainwashed into killing their old families for their sinister “new family.” The episode has been pulled because of its sensitive nature and the meaning it may hold to those who were affected by the school shooting in Newtown in December.

“Ceuf” was written and filmed long before the Newtown tragedy, says Hannibal writer and executive producer Bryan Fuller. “Whenever you [write] a story and look at the sensational aspects of storytelling, you think, ‘This is interesting metaphorically, and this is interesting as social commentary,” says Fuller, adding that he “didn’t want to have anyone come to the show and have a negative experience.”

NBC will be airing the next episode in line, “Coquilles”, instead of “Ceuf” this coming Thursday. Do you think NBC made the right decision in pulling the episode from the schedule?

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Written by: harrisr
Apr 22nd, 2013, 2:04 am

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The actual reason is because they plagiarize Sinister film storyline and scared from getting sued LMFAO

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Totally ridiculous to pull the episode.

All they had to do was to put up a warning notice of some sort at the beginning of the show and let the viewers decide if they want to watch it or not.








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Message Posted On Apr 22nd, 2013, 4:17 pm

With all the gruesome material they have dealt with so far, that's where they draw the line?


Message Posted On Apr 22nd, 2013, 11:31 am
Polish AXN will brodcast 4th episode at 1 may... So yeah genneraly F*U MURICA

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I think it's pretty obvious NBC has no backbone considering how they cancel every single show that has a bit of substance. Anything that will compromise their amount of viewers they will abandon it and never look back. Don't get me wrong Newtown was a horrific tragedy but let's not make the mistake of censoring one of the few activities that helps us forget for a little while and be immersed in another world. Network execs. don't be affaid to hit the subject head on make us feel the way we felt on that day because something will inevitably remind us ; a child walking to school, or a school bus full of the laughter. But you have the opportunity to show us that their tragic end was not in vain, that there is hope and that moving on is not bad but worth it.


Message Posted On Apr 22nd, 2013, 11:01 am
I'm not a fan of skipping episodes, ever for any reason--especially in a serialized show like this. No one is forcing people to watch--if it's too sensitive for you, then skip it. They should at least put it online for those who want to watch it!

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Agreed with Anonymous, you can't just drop episodes out of a running season because of a tragedy that happened over 4 months ago. I don't even understand how this fits in with the newtown shootings either.

A man got into the school and murdered children, which is horrible don't get me wrong.

But this episode is about families getting killed and it turns out to be one of the children doing it, they're not exactly similar are they


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I just hope it will get broadcast at some point -- preferably still during this season's run!


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Whoever said the terrorists do not control us is sadly mistaken. What happened to 'carrying on with your life, don't let them win.' Every time there is an incident, TV stations bow to the terrorists power. Grow a spine and stand up!
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