'Chicago Fire' executive producer talks spin-off


Dick Wolf, an executive producer at Chicago Fire, refuses to speculate on rumors that the show is going to be spun-off.

"There is always talk about every possible permutation," he said today. "I'm always optimistic."

Wolf, who previously worked on Law & Order, sees that franchise as the one that kick started the whole spin-off craze that is sweeping Hollywood by storm these days.

"We started it," he added. "When you can turn something into a brand, it's very advantageous."

Chicago Fire has done well in the ratings for The Peacock on Wednesday nights, which has led to the speculation that NBC wants to milk the show for everything it can. Wolf thinks that Chicago is the perfect setting for the show.

"Chicago, it is the heart of this country," he said. "It doesn't seem strange to have firefighters in Chicago doing this stuff. That's what Chicago is. The city of big shoulders and the city that represents the heart of this country and the core values. Nobody questions it."

He also added that the idea of the spin-off taking place in Chicago, but dealing with police work, is a possibility. The show has not been renewed officially for a second season yet, but it seems like a shoo-in.


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Written by: Hamatosan
Apr 22nd, 2013, 3:30 pm

Images courtesy of Chicago Fire Fans.

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