FX, James Ellroy teaming up for new period drama

OtashAcclaimed crime fiction writer James Ellroy is going to team up with FX for a new period drama called Shakedown, set in the late 1950s in Los Angeles.

The show will be inspired by the life of Fred Otash, a legendary Hollywood vice cop who was known as Mr. O.

O'Tash (as he will be written in the show), is a jack-of-many-trades. He deals in the grey area where Hollywood meets reality in L.A., doing dirty work such as wiretapping, fixing, informing and operating. 

Ellroy has featured Otash previously in two of his novels 2001's The Cold Six Thousand and 2009's Blood's a Rover. Otash also stars in an Elroy short story, Shakedown, where he is in purgatory. 

Ellroy is writing the script, and executive producing. Other EPs are Joe Roth, Clark Peterson, Steven Hoban and Palak Patel.

No doubt this series getting the green light has something to do with the run of fixer dramas that are popping up at this moment. ABC's Scandal has become a hit, while Showtime has a related series coming out later this year set in modern times called Ray Donovan (which it is pairing with Dexter's last season in the hopes of creating a star right out of the shoot).

The real Otash passed away in 1992 and was one of the people Jack Nicholson's Chinatown character was based on.  



- James Ellroy
- FX

Written by: Hamatosan
Apr 22nd, 2013, 3:56 pm

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