History's 'The Bible' being prepped for theatrical release

Call it "Jesus Christ: Movie Star"!

The Bible

The History Channel's immensely popular mini-series "The Bible" is being prepped for a run on the big screen. Producer Mark Burnett told The Hollywood Reporter and other media outlets that the ten episode series is being cut down to a three hour version for a potential future showing at a theater near you.

"We're cutting a movie version right now, a three-hour version of Jesus and [we have] many, many offers from theaters globally," Burnett told The Hollywood Reporter on Monday at an NBCUniversal summer press day.

He continued, relating that the edit stems from an interest from numerous venues. "There have been so many offers. Someone came to us with 24 arenas — ‘what if you put it in arenas?’ There are very few things like this that would have this kind of life."

"The Bible" made big ratings waves throughout its run, debuting with a strong 13.1 million viewers on March 3rd, with its finale on Easter Sunday peaking with 11.7 million viewers. It is already the fastest selling DVD of a television mini-series ever, selling what was projected to be a one-year inventory of DVDs in just six days (before presumably resting on the seventh).

Additionally, Burnett and wife Roma Downey confirmed that future installments spotlighting other stories from the book are underway. "I have scripts in my bag that I just received today for what’s next," he said. "Clearly we are people of faith, so it’s not a show to us. And to all those people who rolled our eyes at us three years ago and said, 'No one is going to watch the Bible on TV,' we’re glad they were wrong, and we feel blessed... [The future installments are] going to be a bunch of episodes in the same world because we feel there's a void and we’re filling that void."

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Written by: kyleiam
Apr 23rd, 2013, 7:03 am

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