Michael Scott’s Top Tantrums

We first fell in love with Michael Gary Scott - played by the hilariously talented Steve Carell - when “The Office” first aired on NBC in 2005. The comedy is quickly coming to a close, and what better way to honor the show than by showcasing some of Michael’s greatest tantrums that we all know and love. Just like it was difficult to say goodbye to Michael in Season 7, it won’t be any easier to bid the remaining Dunder Mifflin characters farewell. It’s going to be really hard.That’s what she said.

Pull out the tissues - for the tears you’ll be shedding when you laugh too hard - and get ready to relive Michael’s most memorable hissy fits.

1. Christmas Party

Michael Scott on The Office

“Yankee Swap!” Who can forget this classic Christmas episode? All Michael wants is to give the most memorable present during the $20 Secret Santa gift exchange. That’s exactly why he buys a $400 iPod. The office is not happy, and neither is Michael when he opens his gift from Phyllis, which turns out to be a homemade oven mitt. To please himself, and to get rid of the oven mitt, Michael changes Secret Santa to Yankee Swap.

2. Michael’s Birthday

Michael Scott on The Office

It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to. That’s exactly what Michael does when the Dunder Mifflin gang is more concerned if Kevin has skin cancer, rather than celebrating Michael’s birthday. Michael finds Kevin’s announcement irritating and hides in his office stuffing his face with birthday doughnuts. Eventually, he becomes sympathetic and even makes a “Livestrong” bracelet out of yellow paper.

3. The Convict

Michael Scott on The Office

Just call me “Prison Mike.” After Michael finds out that one of his new employees, Martin, served time in prison, he creates an unsavory situation. When the office says prison sounds better than Dunder Mifflin, Michael loses it. He puts on a routine as “Prison Mike,” but the skit has no effect. He then locks everyone in the conference room. The most important fact to remember is Prison Mike “nevah got caught, neither” and the worst part of prison was “the Dementors.”

4. Basketball

Michael Scott on The Office

First things first: Michael should never quit his day job to pursue a basketball career. The Dunder Mifflin salesmen play a “friendly” game of basketball against the warehouse. Whoever loses has to work on Saturday. Well, Michael conveniently gets “hurt” and throws a fit. Since the game isn’t friendly or fun, he calls the game. This all works in Michael’s favor as his team is winning, but the warehouse scares Michael into making his own team lose the bet.

5. The Carpet

Michael Scott on The Office

What a mess! When Michael returns from vacation, he enters his office to find a horrendous and odorous pile of feces on his carpet. If anything is going to send Michael over the edge, it’s this. He makes Roy and Darryl change his carpet; he moves to Jim’s desk; he makes Jim work in the annex; and then when no one gives him sympathy, Michael spouts off about being a victim of a hate crime. Michael only thinks the messy carpet funny when he finds out Todd Packer is the culprit.

6. Secret Santa

Michael Scott on The Office

Christmas seems to be the time of year Michael is at his best - meaning he throws the best tantrums. This holiday, Michael gets upset when Phyllis plays Santa, leaving Michael to dress up as none other than Jesus Christ. He takes over the karaoke machine and spats off hurtful remarks to each and every employee. Oh, and he calls CFO David Wallace to complain about his Jesus costume.

7. Phyllis’ Wedding

Michael Scott on The Office

At Phyllis’ wedding, Phyllis allows Michael to push her father’s wheelchair down the aisle, so she can have six weeks off for her honeymoon. Well, when her dad decides to walk, Michael does the only thing that’s reasonable - continue his walk by dragging the wheelchair with him. Also, he squeezes himself in between the groomsmen, tries to announce Phyllis and Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, as husband and wife and continues to cause scene after scene.

8. Launch Party

Michael Scott on The Office

Nothing says tantrum like holding a pizza delivery boy hostage. Yep, that’s exactly what Michael does in this episode. When Michael discovers he won’t be attending the Dunder Mifflin Infinity launch party in NYC, he goes off the deep end. Being the nice guy that he is, he orders pizza for his employees, but it’s from their least favorite pizza place. Also, the delivery boy won’t honor Michael’s coupon. So, Michael does the most logical thing - he holds him hostage - and yes, that is Artie (Kevin McHale) from “Glee.”

9. Classy Christmas

Michael Scott on The Office

Once again, we meet crazy Michael at Christmas. Holly - Michael’s one true love - officially comes back to Scranton. Instead of having the traditional office party that’s currently underway, Michael cancels Christmas, until Holly returns. He creates a new theme - “Classy Christmas.” Things don’t go quite as planned when Michael learns Holly is still with her boyfriend. What better way to get back at her than by throwing away the “Toy Story” Woody doll given to Holly by her boyfriend?

10. Frame Toby

Michael Scott on The Office

For years, Michael has despised HR representative Toby Flenderson. One of Michael’s happiest moments is when Holly replaces Toby. One of his most angry moments is when Toby returns. When he sees Toby, Michael yells “NOOOOO!” This might be the loudest “no” in television history. He decides to frame Toby by planting pot on him, which is actually a bag of caprese salad. Let’s just say it doesn’t go quite as Michael plans.

11. Viewing Party

Michael Scott on The Office

Put Michael in a room with Gabe and a “Glee” viewing party and what do you get? A Michael Scott tantrum. After Kevin refers to Gabe as the “boss,” Michael becomes agitated with Gabe and treats him like scum. He even goes outside and unplugs the cable connection to ruin Gabe and Erin’s party.

12. The Injury

Michael Scott on The Office

One of the many great moments in the history of “The Office,” is when Michael burns his foot on his George Foreman grill. Despite Dwight getting a concussion in the process of “rescuing” Michael, Michael still gets mad at his employees for their lack of compassion. He decides to teach them about disabilities and brings in the Scranton Business Park owner, Billy, who is in a wheelchair. Michael compares himself to Billy, but no one takes him seriously. No surprise there!

What’s your favorite Michael Scott moment?

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I love "Prison Mike" and "Date Mike"!

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