NBC launching 'Million Second Quiz,' largest scale gameshow in history




Those nutty peacocks are at it again.

NBC is launching a new unscripted reality gameshow event called 'The Million Second Quiz.' The quiz is a reality competition that will span twelve days (or, a million seconds, get it?) and will air nightly in primetime with live broadcasts. The competition combines a trivia quiz with endurance contests, as contestants will be required to play over the full twelve-day span, pausing strategically to eat and sleep.

This is already sounding a little weird, but wait! There's more! Created by Stephen Lambert, the man hourglassbehind the wildly-successful 'Undercover Boss,' 'The Million Second Quiz' will feature the sort of everyday primetime coverage usually reserved for events like the Olympics. A gigantic hourglass housing structure will be built in Manhattan--this will serve as a timer for the event itself as well as a place for the top four contestants to live and compete--with see-through walls. Contestants will be visible from the street, living in a sort of human zoo as they continue to compete for the final prize. As NBC describes it, "the four players who have remained in the game the longest at any time serve as reigning champions and get to live in the hourglass. To avoid being unseated in the primetime show where one of the reigning champions gets challenged, the four must continue to play 24 hours a day, taking strategic breaks to rest and sleep."

Just what may that prize be? Well how about the largest cash-prize in gameshow history? The winner of 'The Million Second Quiz' will be awarded a whopping $10Million USD.

And it gets even better: viewers at home will be able to play along with the contestants in real time, with the opportunity to be flown to New York City to appear on the show. In what NBC is hailing as "the first fully convergent television experience," viewers at home will have the special opportunity to become on-air contestants, each and every episode.

This is a big one, with a lot of bugs remaining to be worked out--however, I could see it becoming an absolute ratings smash, like the first season of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?'


Written by: bad_subject
Apr 24th, 2013, 7:07 am

Images courtesy of NBC

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