'Survivor' host talks latest episode

After last week's roller coaster of a Tribal Council, this week's episode of "Survivor" slowed things down a bit with the return of the a personal favorite: The Survivor Auction! Host Jeff Probst spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what went down this week, who is pulling ahead, and what viewers can expect down the line.

Jeff Probst

It's no secret that the camp diet is a harsh and meager one, with the effects especially being shown this week as the competitors were teased with potential treats at the annual Survivor Auction. "The beauty of Survivor is that there are always, I repeat, always people who are certain they are safe. For those people the auction is free food! There is also a strategy that says even though I am not certain I’m safe, if I show my alliance that I am concerned by going for an advantage at the auction they make think I am planning a move of my own and it may backfire, so better to stay with the crowd and go with the flow," Probst said.

The host also revealed what I personally have always wondered regarding the "Survivor" event staple -- what happens to the money contestants pay for the items they bid on? Probst explained, "That money goes right back into our show. It’s not real money in that sense. We just take it out of petty cash and whatever we get back goes right back into the next challenge, or reward. I am proud to say I have never pocketed even one twenty dollar bill." Sure you haven't, Jeff.

With the final nail in Malcolm's crumbling alliance seemingly put in the coffin this week, Probst explained that he believes at this point the game is firmly in the Favorites' hands, but as for who among the stalwart alliance will pull ahead remains to be seen. "I believe any of the remaining Favorites could still win this game. I really do. How often does that happen? Even Dawn thru the tears — if she is with the right two people could make a very good case of strategy. Erik, though quiet, is very likable. The others — it would be a dogfight and I wouldn’t want to go up against any of them. They are all super deserving," he said.

The season has been rife with unpredictable tribal council votes and twists, and the host hints that next week viewers could be treated to another. "This season is on such a roll. Well let’s see — we tempt them down with food and once again I am BLOWN away by decisions made during an immunity challenge," Probst said, continuing, "Cochran continues to flex his muscles and Tribal? Holy cow. Awesome."

What did you think of this week's episode?

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Apr 25th, 2013, 7:09 am

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