'The Following' Season Finale: Poe Yourself a Drink

Ryan Hardy

So things aren’t looking so great for Ryan Hardy. The love of his life, who used to be married to a charismatic, cult building, diabolical psychopath, is trapped on a boat with her ex. And while Joe Carroll’s initial plan was reconciliation, well, he’s lost that loving feeling. Many of Joe Carroll’s severely disturbed followers are wandering free, and Hardy’s boss has been kidnapped and nailed shut into a coffin in an undisclosed location. We’re confident that functional alcoholic Ryan is hoping that Havenport, Maryland has a bar with a generous happy hour. So how do fans calm their nerves as they prepare to find out how it all ends? We’ve developed a drinking game that should be a pleasant distraction from what promises to be, at the very least, an extremely disturbing finale. Below you’ll find a myriad of possible finale events. If or when any of them occur, feel free to take a swig of your favorite brew or a shot of your strongest booze. Believe us, you are probably not going to want to be stone cold sober for the season-ending cliffhanger. And if by chance, everything ends well for the hero, than consider your inebriation a celebration.

Joe Carroll

Take a drink if:

1)   Ryan manages to find Debra Parker and save her from suffocation. Take two drinks if he locates her via clues found in a Poe story.

2)   Someone wearing an FBI windbreaker is violently attacked or killed.

3)   One of Carroll’s cult members manages to beat the crap out of Mike Weston.

4)   Someone incredibly close to the investigation turns out to be a traitor.

5)   Anyone mentions the name Edgar Allan Poe.

6)   Joe Carroll calls to taunt and antagonize Ryan.

7)   Every time somebody says the word “followers” or “cult.”

8)   Emma attempts to or successfully kills Claire Matthews or vice versa.

9)   Claire manages to escape from Joe with no assistance from law enforcement.

10)   A civilian is killed by a Carroll follower.

11)   Claire dies in Ryan’s arms.

12)   Joe kills Emma.

13)   Joe and Emma escape together.

14)   Emma is captured.


15)   Joe’s remaining followers all commit suicide.

16)   Some loopy girl shows up with a cryptic message.

17)   Molly injures Ryan.

18)   Ryan experiences a flashback.

19)   Ryan clutches his chest and/or collapses.

20)   Debra pulls a Kill Bill: Vol. 2 and escapes the coffin on her own.

21)   Emma sacrifices her own life to protect Joe.

22)   Weston or Parker dies.

23)   One or more of Carroll’s followers vow to either avenge Carroll’s death or continue his work.

24)   Ryan resorts to physical force during the interrogation of a witness.

25)   Ryan experiences a bad hair day.

26)   Someone yells “Drop your gun/weapon.”

27)   No major characters die.

28)   Ryan goes rogue.

29)   An FBI plan goes awry.

30)   Joe holds his side and grimaces in pain.

- The Following
- Kevin Bacon

Written by: zappalicious
Apr 26th, 2013, 1:48 am

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Level 4 (61%)
Points: 0.4
Since: 12/Jul/10
Message Posted On Apr 26th, 2013, 6:32 am

i love this show, but if i play this game i must buy a lot of beer and booze + i would be drunk beyond belief... 


Level 2 (49%)
Points: 7.5
Since: 23/Apr/13
Message Posted On Apr 26th, 2013, 3:48 am

If I were to follow this drinking game I'd be in a coma before the end of the episode...

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