FX developing animated comedy 'Bigfoot'


Bigfoot art


FX has been looking to build from the success of their smash hit animated series 'Archer' by developing a few more animated comedies alongside. After ordering a pilot for 'Chosen,' an animated comedy from producer Danny McBride, it looks like FX has found their next project to adapt: 'Bigfoot,' the graphic novel works of Canadian illustrator Graham Roumieu.

Roumieu has written and illustrated a trilogy of comical graphic novels as Bigfoot in a Bigfoot coverfaux-autobiographical style. The novels, entitled "In Me Own Words," "Me Write Book" and "I Not Dead," are irreverent surreal comedy which should fit nicely as a companion series to the cult-hit 'Archer.'

The adaptation for television will be written by Matt McKenna ('American Dad!') and produced by Canadian feature film star Seth Rogen ('The Green Hornet'). The project revolves around Bigfoot, a bipolar hopeless romantic that lacks the ability to properly express himself, living in both the human and animal world of Pine Falls but not quite fitting in to either one. McKenna will also act as an executive producer on the project.

'Chosen' is about a hip-hop artist who finds religion while in prison and reenters society determined to save people's souls. FX continues to rebrand themselves by developing these idiosynchratic animated projects, reaching out to big stars (such as McBride and Rogen) to guide them along the way.


- Seth Rogen
- FX

Written by: bad_subject
Apr 26th, 2013, 11:39 am

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