Could Jennifer Love Hewitt be joining 'The X Factor?'




A few days ago we reported that Mario Lopez would be returning to his hosting duties for a new season of 'The X Factor,' although his co-host Khloe Kardashian would be moving on to other endeavours. Now, it seems like another big-name celebrity may be joining the Simon Cowell reality program: none other than Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

Hewitt ('Client List,' 'Heartbreakers') is a star of small and silver screen who Cowell is reportedly "very interested" in bringing on board 'The X Factor.' The series has two vacant seats at the judge's table and Cowell loves the idea of Hewitt filling one of them. Just what makes the actress so qualified to judge on a reality show about singing and performance? Well in case you didn't know, Hewitt is also a singer/songwriter who released four studio albums between 1992 and 2002. Hewitt starred on 'The Ghost Whisperer' for 107 episodes and currently stars on the controversial drama 'The Client List' on Lifetime, based on the 2010 film she also starred in. 

When pressed for confirmation by, FOX reported that the rumors are purely speculative xfactorat this point in time, however it does seem like the deal could be a good fit for all parties involved. Britney Spears and L. A. Reid each served as judges on the show in the past but will not be involved in the coming season; other names rumored to be on the short-list of replacements include Reba McEntire and Kelly Rowland. As talented as McEntire and Rowland are, Hewitt brings a sex-appeal and charm that would undeniably assist ratings as the competition series moves forward. 

Besides--it could spark renewed sales in those studio albums Hewitt quietly released over a decade ago. Would you like to see Hewitt host on 'The X Factor?' 

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Apr 27th, 2013, 3:06 pm

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She would be an interesting choice. I'd rather see JLH than any Kardashian.

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