Famed TV director talks about his work on Super Bowls, Oscar Awards

HHHamish Hamilton is a man whose work you have seen if you watch television. Hamilton is a TV director who will be receiving a Special Award at the British Academy of Film and Television Craft awards Sunday night in London, due to what the academy says is an ability to "to showcase unique live spectacles through multi-camera based television directing, with millions watching his work". So, what has he done that you have seen?

Try the 2012 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies, the 82nd Academy Awards and the Super Bowl halftime shows that were done by The Who, Madonna and Beyonce, to name a few. Pretty nice resume there, huh? Hamilton specializes in large-scale events for television. 

On the eve of his his award, Hamilton talked about how he landed some of his impressive projects.

The Olympics - "I was an executive producer of the ceremonies working across all of the ceremonies. I was then asked by the organizing committee to assume directing duties for the ceremonies as well so that was an opportunity of a lifetime really."

The Madonna Super Bowl halftime show - "The Madonna show came about simply speaking because I've done the Super Bowl halftime show now for four years, starting with The Who and most recently this year with Beyonce. Creatively each of the Super Bowls has been a very different experience. Some artists are actually quite hands off, Madonna as an artist is incredibly hands on. She, her team and I worked across all aspects of the production to make sure it was a spectacular Super Bowl performance."

Hamilton added that the Olympics were the most nerve-wracking assignment he had ever been assigned, due to the number of people watching and all the moving parts.

"(It was) very difficult to plan and to tell the story because the order the story evolved and was different every time we rehearsed the show. There were creative challenges and also logistic challenges and it was probably one of the biggest events ever held, certainly in the U.K., and it was my home town and so I felt a huge weight of responsibility on my shoulders," he said.


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Written by: Hamatosan
Apr 27th, 2013, 5:56 pm

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