New ABC News app will track your emotions

ABC News

And now for some creepy news.

ABC News wants to know what you are feeling. Not only does it want to know, it WILL know. Suddenly the plot of the Terminator films feels more likely.

The company will be promoting a new app that will track the emotions that viewers registered, based on specific moments during programs. Viewers will also be able to track their friends' emotions during these same moments, in real time.

The project, which tested in beta as Social Soundtracker, allows viewers to click on different emoticons in the app. The five emoticons currently available are clap, boo, laugh, gasp and aww.

"It’s more direct, you’re asking the user to tell you how they’re feeling so we don’t have to do any guessing," said Maya Baratz, ABC News head of new products.

The product will debut tonight during a streaming of the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Further events planned to incorporate the app include sporting events and Good Morning America clips.  

So what will ABC News be doing with the info it collects? According to Baratz, it will allow viewers to search for shows based on what their friends thought or find certain moments of shows based on how their friends reacted. I am sure that is all ABC News will be doing with the info (insert eye roll).

Anyone interested in this? If so, please explain why - it sounds terrible to me.


Written by: Hamatosan
Apr 27th, 2013, 6:17 pm

Images courtesy of ABC

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