James Purefoy hypes 'The Following' finale

Tonight marks the end of Fox's "The Following"... or at least its first chapter. With both the FBI and Carroll's legion of loyal followers in disarray, the only thing fans of the show can absolutely expect is the unexpected. IGN spoke with the killer himself, James Purefoy, about the lead up to "The Final Chapter," and how he is seemingly just as in the dark as the rest of us.

James Purefoy

Purefoy understandably keeps mum about the conclusion of a season that has been littered with twists and false leads. "All I do know is that it's very astute at tying up a lot of the loose ends and [series creator] Kevin Williamson obviously wants to make it a satisfying conclusion to the season," he said. "And I would imagine, because he's a mischievous little imp, that he'll want to keep the fish hook firmly placed in the upper lip of the audience to try and drag them on to the second season. It will be explosive and if you are of an asthmatic disposition you are going to need your inhaler because the storyline with Agent Parker (Annie Parisse) gets pretty f**king grisly."

When we last left Parker, she had been abducted by Carroll's devoted followers, taken to a secluded location and buried alive. With her fellow agents still thoroughly confused after the latest attack on the town's residents, things don't look good for Parker. "Does she survive or doesn't she? One of the things about our finale is that I'm not sure who knows how the show ends," he claimed.

The actor insists that he is as in the dark as anyone regarding the thriller's possible ending. "Because I don't think I know how the show ends. There were various scripts going around with different endings. I know that they shot some endings, but maybe not others. But which of them they shot and which of them they didn't, I don't know," Purefoy said. "What I do is that I had to go in and do some ADR a couple of days ago and they asked me to do some stuff in there that could send the story off on an entirely different direction. But again, that might have just been Kevin Williamson f***ing with me."

Even with his followers seemingly scattered and dropping like flies, Purefoy is optimistic about how wide open a second season with the serial killer could be. "We must remember that, at this point, Joe's followers, these people, were quite localized around Richmond, Virginia. And that the internet is a vast, spectral beast that leeches into the lives of people all over the world and as far as I know we've only used up the followers within a hundred mile radius of that town on the Eastern seaboard," he teased. "There are other places, not just in the United States but all over the world, where we can go with this show."

The season finale of "The Following" airs tonight on Fox! How do you think the season will end?

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Apr 28th, 2013, 11:30 pm

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i wish this season was a little bit longer

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