Persistence pays off for Megyn Price of 'Rules of Engagement'

An actress on a long-running CBS sitcom recently jumped to the other side of the camera for an episode.


Megyn Price, who plays Audrey Bingham on “Rules of Engagement,” directed the episode that airs tonight.

Price first gained notoriety on “Grounded for Life.” “Oh my God, it was huge. It became like a family,” she said, noting she is still really close with costars Kevin Coorigan and Donal Logue.

Though she had not actually directed before, it was a natural progression for Price, who started out in theater in the early part of her career and wrote and produced a play “Here Comes the Sun.” “I never felt like I was out of my element.”

Price said she asked (or “begged”) her bosses to be allowed to direct on “Rules of Engagement” for a couple of years. “There are no small directing jobs,” Price said. She said for a network primetime show, you have a lot of people who have to sign off on it. She has also shadowed other sitcom directors, and said she did a “ton of homework.”

This new task has seemingly invigorated Price.

“It’s almost like a new fire has been lit,” she said. Price said she has started writing again, and that the directing shot has reenergized her acting career too.” “I feel so creative and alive.”

Price has never written before for “Rules of Engagement.” She said the writers decide what episode you’ll do when you want to direct. “This episode had a really good script,” she said. Price said she is really comfortable with TV, and that she has so much experience with multi-camera and having an audience.

Price is open to directing comedy of any kind. “I love telling stories. I’d love to do it again in the future,” she said.

The episode, which is entitled “Timmy Quits,” also has a guest star, Krista Allen (“Days of Our Lives”). Allen plays a former flame of Jeff (played by Patrick Warburton), who comes back to settle a bet. Though she was sick that week, Price said Allen was “such a trooper,” and noted she looked beautiful despite it.

Rumors have abounded as of late whether “Rules of Engagement” will return next season. As for right now, the current season has wrapped and Price said she is enjoying not going to work every day. “I’m enjoying a little time to be a person,” Price said. She also said she has some writing projects going and recently appeared in a movie called “3 Day Test” with Corbin Bernsen.

Whatever the future holds for the show, Price said that getting a chance to direct was “a nice parting gift.”

“Rules of Engagement” also stars Oliver Hudson (as Adam), Bianca Kajlich (as Jennifer), David Spade (as Russell) and Adhir Kalyan (as Timmy). 

The episode (which I watched and is pretty humorous), airs tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET

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Written by: KurtK26
Apr 29th, 2013, 9:37 am

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