Canadians poking southern neighbor with 'America, Eh!'

CanadaA new Canadian television series is going to have a little fun at the expense of their neighbors to the south.

America, Eh!, is a new series being developed by Insight Productions, set to launch as a cross-platform project. On the show, top Canadian comedy writers and performers take swipes at America, all in good fun.

Expect to see sketch comedy, a satirical news desk, slapstick and other Canadian comedy mainstays on the program.

"Nobody is more equipped or better at making fun of Americans than Canadians," said Insight chairman and CEO John Brunton. "Our friends to the south are a constant source of inspiration, especially for comedy, and we know they can take it because they just keep on doing it!"

The show will air live online, with mobile and social media content, as well as a weekly one-hour series on a yet to be named broadcaster.

America, Eh! will live online, include mobile and social media content, and be anchored by one hour series yet to find a broadcaster.

This show will be similar in tone to Talking to Americans, a one-hour CBC special that had Rick Mercer interviewing Americans, just to highlight how little they know about Canada.

Look guys, we had an agreement. We gave you the better side of Niagara Falls, you let some Tim Hortons cross the border and we stay civil. Do not make us take the Horseshoe Falls.



Written by: Hamatosan
Apr 29th, 2013, 2:41 pm

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Sounds promising ^^

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