'Boss' star Jeff Hephner talks cancelled series, possible revival

It's always disappointing to hear of the cancellation of fantastic shows, but I was particularly sad to learn that Starz had axed its political drama series 'Boss' last year, after just two seasons. The series, which starred Kelsey Grammer has terminally ill Chicago mayor Tom Kane, was one of the most unrelentingly tense shows on television -- at its best, it was one of television's most compelling shows.

The second season of the series hit DVD and Blu-ray earlier this month, and I got a chance to talk with star Jeff Hephner -- who played gubernatorial candidate (and Kane's pawn) Ben Zajac.

Naturally, Hephner is also disappointed with having to say goodbye to 'Boss.' "Everyone that worked on it [feels] like a finger got cut off," he says, remarking that the series didn't have time to live up to its promise of presenting us with the complete downfall of Tom Kane. "There was a ticking clock from second one of the show, and it just kind of stopped. There's no closure -- we went from talking about what was going to happen in season 3 to, 'Oh, shit, I've gotta go get a job!'"

Though there have been rumors that a film is being considered to wrap up the show's dangling plotlines, Hephner doesn't appear to be aware of it. "It it happens, I would welcome it and I think a lot of us [who worked on the show] would," he says, especially since crowdsourcing has become a method of reviving popular canned shows: "This is an age where these things can be done. We can finish it. People are going to be watching this show for a long time," and they'll want closure for the series, too.

If the show does manage to be revived, Hephner knows exactly where he'd like to see his character: "I would honestly have liked to see Zajac dance along the line of becoming another Kane, and at some point being faced with real decisions about what kind of man he wants to be."

But the real reason the series should get that closure -- and the real reason that new viewers should come to the series -- is Kelsey Grammer's intense performance as Tom Kane. "It really is one of those performances that I would want everyone to watch," Hephner enthuses. "If you love TV, if you love storytelling... it would be really worth watching him [in 'Boss']."

Seasons 1 and 2 of Boss are now available on DVD and Blu-ray.


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Written by: mcpherson
Apr 30th, 2013, 1:49 pm

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Pat D

Message Posted On Sep 3rd, 2013, 1:16 pm
Please, please, please revive this show. One of the best on TV. I cannot believe that Starz is going to give this up. A lot of people did not even know about this show. The word is still being spread. Great cast, great writing, superb acting. Love, love, love!
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