'Elementary,' 'Person of Interest' getting online spinoff series

The Baker Street Irregulars are taking over some prime online territory.


Variety reports that two of CBS' biggest dramas are set to get online web series spinoffs beginning in the fall. Both the modern day Sherlock Holmes series "Elementary" and pre-crime drama "Person of Interest" will launch exclusive series on

Viewers have been treated to a few references to the ragtag group the "Baker Street Irregulars" over the course of the series' freshman season. In Arthur Conan Doyle's original novels, the group of street youths assisted the World's Greatest Detective with his mysteries, but their upcoming series will find the group pursuing their own adventures. The BBC's own "Sherlock" series has found the detective utilizing a network of homeless men and women as his eyes and ears around the city, while the CBS version has alluded to their use in several episodes throughout the season.

Meanwhile, "Person of Interest" will get the anime treatment for its own web series in the appropriately titled "Person of Interest: Animated." Produced by series producer Greg Plagement and series producer and creator Jonathan Nolan, not much is known about the subject matter or stories the web series will focus on. It seems like an odd spin-off format for such a standard television series, but The Eye is banking on it paying off in support of the show's third season.

Will you be tuning in?

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May 1st, 2013, 7:30 am

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I will, indeed, be tuning in. I enjoy both shows, so a little more is welcome, especially if the Web series fill in the cracks around the main shows. This is welcome news.

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