Ten Funny Female Characters from the 2012-2013 TV Season

Although this year’s crop of new sitcoms was less than stellar, with just a few notable exceptions, fan favorites provided us a break from the intensity of The Following or the cavalcade of mediocre performances on a seemingly endless number talent competition programs. Below are just a few of the ladies who made our bad days a bit better. Let’s hope they’ll all be back next fall. I’m talking to you ABC (Happy Endings).

Mindy Lahiri

Dr. Mindy Lahiri/Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project)-Mindy lives for the meet-cute. Her relationships stray far from the rom coms she adores; her dates and relationships are often, if not completely disastrous, at least incredibly embarrassing.  She accepts her physical shortcomings by upgrading them with a positive spin. She doesn’t work out, sleeps with a butcher knife under her pillow in case a murderer breaks in to her apartment at night. She’s shuns philanthropy, isn’t big on forgiveness, (she insulted her ex during a drunken toast at his wedding), speaks her mind and can leap from an embarrassing situation to a humiliating encounter with a single bound.

“I used to write Christian Slater letters until his publicist wrote to me and said that ‘Mr. Slater is no longer accepting hair.’”

“My twitter is not for cheating ex-boyfriends. My twitter is for friends, it is for patients and it is for Wendy’s to give me a shout-out on my birthday.”

Jessica Day

Jessica Day/Zooey Deschanel (New Girl)-Quirky and upbeat, Jessica “Jess” is the penultimate pin-up for any intellectual male. Blessed with a vivid imagination, Jess loves to do impressions, wear costumes and make up songs. She’s forced to bribe a homeless man who sleeps on her car whenever she wants to drive anywhere. Jess also has an inexplicable attraction to her dour roommate Nick Miller (Jake Johnson).

“Just remember, you caught him pleasuring himself to a mail-order steak catalogue.”

“Schmidt, an aquarium? When did you become a Bond villain that couldn’t afford not to live with roommates?”

Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope/Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) Leslie is so enthusiastic and determined to make a difference as a city council member in her small town of Pawnee; she’s almost a complete anti-bureaucrat.  She loves waffles and whipped cream, has not-so-secret hoarder tendencies and recently got married wearing a dress constructed by her best friend consisting of her own press clippings.

“We have a massive pest problem in this town. And it’s because the animal control department has been a disaster at catching animals. They’re great at ingesting and selling marijuana.”

“Women have come a long way in Pawnee, but we still have quite a ways to go. I mean, technically, I’m not allowed to reserve this conference room without my husband’s or father’s signature.”

April Ludgate

April Ludgate/Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) April has risen from a lowly intern at the parks department to the head of animal control despite her lack of interest in just about everything.  She also went from having two gay boyfriends to being happily married to sweet, dimwitted, jack of all trades, Andy.

“I don’t like lotion. I like my hands cracked and callused like a railway worker.”

“This is Stacy Knoblock’s house. I went to high school with her and she was super mean to me. Now I know that she dyes her hair. I knew that wedge wasn’t naturally blonde! Oh my god. She has to use prescription strength deodorant. This is the best day of my life!”

Jane Kerkovich-Williams

Jane Kerkovich-Williams/Eliza Coupe (Happy Endings) A Type A personality who is so good at everything at times she appears to possess supernatural powers. She loves to take control, especially when it comes to her friends’ lives. Jane’s turn ons include making lists and having people agree with her. She’s so competitive that her closest friends decided to abolish couples game night after one particularly ugly scene.  Jane kept shouting “I win, I win,” threw the game board on the floor and told her husband not to touch her because “winners don’t get touched.”

“I am a master matchmaker. I have brokered three marriages, one against their will. But you know what? Sanjay is gonna learn to love Padma, eventually.”

“Please, maternity leave is for hippies.”

Penny Hartz

Penny Hartz/Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) Penny has had a tough year. She fell down a flight of stairs after refusing to BASE jump with a boyfriend that left her hysterically, yet seriously injured A prolonged concussion forced her to wear a helmet for a month. Penny also broke up with her fiancé and wrote a play called “Black Plague” as an attempt to purge her feelings of guilt. She’s often the butt of her friends’ jokes due to her clumsiness and series of dating and relationship mishaps. Their affectionate term for their relentless teasing is called a “pile-on.”

“So nothing else happens? No obstacles you had to hijinks your way out of? No one brought a miniature pig to a car dealership to prove a point about gender roles?”

“I’ve never been with a guy like him before. He’s brash and old school like Don Draper with twice the drinking and half the hair.”


Penny/Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) On-again, off-again currently on again girlfriend of nerdy neighbor Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Penny is an aspiring actress and waitress at The Cheesecake Factory. She loves shoes and wine, and according to Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), has a bit of a promiscuous past. Penny is a commitment phobe and often approaches her relationship with Leonard from a more masculine perspective.

“You know, I remember my first bikini wax. My sister did it with duct tape and melted Crayola’s. To this day, I can’t look at a box of crayons without crossing my legs.”

“Hey! Shouldn’t you be out with your gang spray painting equations on the sides of buildings?”

Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy Farrah Fowler/ Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) At first content with a non-physical relationship with boyfriend and theoretical physicist Sheldon, Amy is growing impatient to take things to the next level.  Amy, a neurobiologist, recently feigned prolonged illness for the cheap thrill of Sheldon rubbing Vick’s vapor rub on her bare chest. Her sexual frustration often manifests itself inappropriately especially when it comes to her admiration of Penny, who she considers to be her best friend. She enjoys playing the harp in her spare time.

“She’s right but say the word, and I’ve got a lab full of cocaine-addicted monkeys with nothing to lose. One of them could end up in the backseat of her car or her shower.”

“We could go to the cadaver lab at UCLA and play real life Operation.”

Alex Kerkovich

Alex Kerkovich/Elisha Cuthbert (Happy Endings) Alex, Jane’s younger sister, puts her own unique spin on being a ditzy blonde. She believes in “ghosts, warlocks and doulas.” She owns a small boutique Xela (pronounced Shayla).  With the exception of one brief burst of popularity, the store is always empty, so she bought a parrot for company. The bird turned out to be racist, and she accidently killed him by giving him an abundance of margaritas.  Alex loves ribs, attends the annual Romcom-Con and eats birthday cake every night.

“It doesn’t take a rocking scientist to see that.”

“I have seen every episode of Toddlers & Tiaras, Pageant Kings, Baby Queens and King of Queens. That last one is just a pageant of comedy where everyone wins.”

Claire Dunphy

Claire Dunphy/Julie Bowen (Modern Family)-Some viewers might call Claire the bad cop of the Dunphy household, while others may see her more as the voice of reason. Either way, this mother of three has a naughty side. She loves Halloween, isn’t opposed to skinny dipping or role playing and has been caught, along with husband Phil, in a few compromising positions.

”I don’t want to have adventure. I don’t want to have fun. I want to have sex with you.”

“My daughter has been arrested for drinking. I would like her to sit in jail and think about that. As a matter of fact, I might stop and do a little outlet shopping.”


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