'Survivor' host talks latest episode

Double elimination, man! All the way! Two competitors took their fateful walk to Jury Town on this week's "Survivor;" one predictable, one surprising. Host Jeff Probst breaks the latest installment of the CBS reality series down for viewers in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Jeff Probst

With no Reward Challenge this week, competitors were instead tasked with two Elimination Challenges, tempted during the first by host to forfeit the challenge for much needed junk food. The first challenge seemed tailor made for the smaller members of the tribe, and indeed the sprightly Andrea and Brenda lasted over three hours, before eventually agreeing to up the ante on each other to determine a final winner. "I love it when Survivors take the game into their own hands. That’s the ultimate — when the game doesn’t need any kind of host, it plays itself," Probst said. "It’s what we were going for when we tried 'Do it Yourself' challenges. This is a better version of that. The key is that everybody has to agree. If one person disagrees then we don’t do it."

While outsider Reynold was swiftly dispatched in the first elimination of the night, the second trip to Tribal Council showed the first cracks in the previously incorruptible Favorites alliance. With Andrea finding a hidden immunity idol, her alliance members worried about taking her further in the game and resorted to blindsiding her. To Probst, the writing was on the wall as soon as Andrea began talking about moves to come further on in the season. "When you’re in the middle of the game it’s so tricky because you often just don’t have enough information. I really don’t think there is any general philosophy you can count on," he explained. "One simple example of an argument for taking a stance on who to vote out is this — If I give the right people a reason to vote someone else out, they’ll go with me because it’s not them that is being voted out. I love Andrea. I would have her back again. She can win this game."

Previews for next week's episode hint that it will be the always emotional 'Loved Ones' visit, where family members and friends get to spend the day with the competitors they haven't seen in over a month. Probst admits, he's not immune to getting misty-eyed, confessing, "Well, I can tell you this... I cry. Yes. I cry. It’s that good... Not only is it emotional, but the loved one visit is directly connected to strategy and holy cow does it play out. I love next week’s episode."

What did you think of this week's double elimination?

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May 2nd, 2013, 10:21 am

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