MTV getting ready to air 'Girl, Get Your Mind Right!'

SmallsGirl, Get Your Mind Right!

No, that is not an order. It is a new MTV series that is heading your way this summer season. Hosted by author/romance "expert" Tionna Smalls, the half-hour series is scheduled to run Monday through Thursday for five weeks this summer.

The show, which premieres May 20 at 6 p.m. ET, will offer relationship advice from Smalls, but with a hidden-camera aspect. Smalls will attempt to help young ladies get over their dating issues that prevent them from finding true happiness in life. 

Smalls will encourage these women to confront their issues and overcome them, no matter what they are. Part of the experience will be making themselves over, externally and internally. Smalls will them offer them final points before their dates, which she will be watching to see if they are taking her guidance into consideration.

The decision to do business with Smalls, who appeared on VH1's What Chilli Wants, is part of the networks attempt to create content that caters to its key demographic, 12-34 year olds (which is insane - 12 year olds want to watch the same things that 31 year olds do?).

"Tough love, especially with a comedic tone, is something our audience is craving right now," Tony DiBari, an MTV senior vice president, said. "They're looking for guidance and boundaries from someone other than their parents. We felt the combination of the genre and the personality like Tionna, who is so unique, made a lot of sense for us."

- Tionna Smalls

Written by: Hamatosan
May 2nd, 2013, 1:55 pm

Images courtesy of MTV

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