Lifetime announces return date for 'Drop Dead Diva'


Drop Dead Diva


'Drop Dead Diva' is back from the dead... again!

The Lifetime series, which is about a shallow woman who returns from the dead in the body of a brilliant attorney--and her complete opposite--has now been brought back from the dead in a different way: it was saved from cancellation thanks to a deal between the network and producers of the series. Lifetime announced the cancellation of 'Drop Dead Diva' after four successful seasons back in January; a fan outcry swelled, forcing the network to reconsider dropping the axe.

Today, Lifetime announced the return date for the once-dead series: the fifth season of 'Drop Dead LifetimeDiva' will air on June 23. The title of the season premiere? "Back From the Dead." How appropriate.

'Drop Dead Diva' stars Brooke Elliott, Margaret Cho, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby and Lex Medlin. Elliott, who plays the lead title character, has earned praise and critical acclaim for her portrayal of the once-vapid and shallow woman who now learns lessons about the value of life, relationships and inner beauty. Thirteen episodes have been ordered for a fifth season, which will pick up from the cliffhanger ending of season four: ane (Elliott) frantically searching for her missing fiancé Owen (Medlin), who disappeared after witnessing her kiss Grayson (Hurst) moments before their wedding.

'Drop Dead Diva' has won several Prism and GLAAD Media awards over the course of its four-season run. Season five debuts on June 23 on Lifetime.



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