Amber Holcomb talks 'American Idol' elimination

HolcombAmber Holcomb was recently eliminated on American Idol, finishing in fourth place overall on the competition. However, Holcomb did not go home empty handed. 

In an interview given after her elimination, she revealed that during her spare time on the program, she blew off steam by going shoe shopping (no word if Al Bundy assisted her or not). Her shoe obsession continued onto the show, where she managed to snag a few more pairs of shoes from the program's closet. Luckily, contestant Kree Harrison was there to lend an assist to the 19-year-old singer when it came time to take the footwear home.

“Kree let me borrow her suitcase,” she said, adding that she had gathered several dozen pairs.

Holcomb became very emotional Thursday when her elimination was announced, needing to take time to compose herself before addressing the media swarm.

“It was really overwhelming being in the press tent and knowing I won’t be seeing them again ...  This is, like, the end,” she said. “I’m not even going to lie. I really did feel like I was the next to go and I was really sad, but at the same time I told myself that I get to go on tour.”

While American Idol did not pan out for her the way she would have liked, this is not the end, she says. She intends to win Grammy Awards, put out hit singles and even appear on one of her favorite programs, Glee.


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Written by: Hamatosan
May 4th, 2013, 5:13 am

Images courtesy of FOX

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